LEADSIGN Ajustable Car Seat Headrest Pillow - A Comfortable and Safe Passenger Solution for Head and Neck Support During Car Travel

  •  Comfortable,convenient and easy to use.Designed to fit the face well and reduce neck strain while traveling.Fully adjustable for the perfect fit and locks away when not in use.
  • Patent-pending design is compatible with most OEM car seats.Fits most standard headrest posts with a simple universal mount for easy installation
  • Crash tested and approved. Compliant with regulations and standards under the CPSIA
  • Easy to clean. Includes sweat-resistant, removable and washable covers
  • Quality guaranteed. Love your product or we'll replace it.
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    LEADSIGN 35 Mile TV Antenna,Indoor Flat HDTV Antenna with 16.5ft Long Cable and New Technology for Optimized Reception 

  • Free for Life - Never pay a monthly cable or satellite bill again!! Leadsign Indoor TV antennas gets all your local channels in crystal clear quality,absolutely free
  • HD Antenna Features - 35 Miles range,the 16.5ft cable is long enough to allow for best positioning, especially useful for customers whose TVs are not close to windows
  • Easy Setup - Fast and easy operation in 3 steps: Unwrap, Plug in and Scan channels.No need to be oriented or "aimed" to get the best signal from the desired station,will work out really great and clear as a bell reception
  • Setting Operation - Paper thin antenna is easy to be hidden behind the bookshelf or TV,lay flat on the table,stick on the wall/window as high as possible or put on your antenna mount
  • What We Offer - Digital antenna with 12-month warranty. Pls note that over-the-air aerial depends on environmental factors and we cannot guarantee good reception in all conditions. We do offer a 30-day money-back guarantee on all orders to allow you to test the antenna's suitability in your area               
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    LEADSIGN High Gain TV Aerial,Portable

    Indoor/Outdoor Digital TV Antenna - Magnetic Base Antenna with 16.5ft Coax Cable 

    •  Free for Life - Never pay hugely expensive cable of satellite fees again! You can get all your local channels in crystal clear quality with Leadsign Smart TV Antenna, absolutely free
    • Small but Mighty - Remarkable performance,one minute to connect;Only 3.8in tall on its stand and easy to conceal(hide) or tie in with the room Decor.
    • Magnetic Base Design - It has a heavy magnet on the bottom giving it stability and improve reception by harnessing large metal surfaces
    • 16.5FT Long Cable - The standard coaxial cable is long enough for you to remotely locate it up high for best performance
    • Portable Design - Works great on both indoor&outdoor facility,like mobilehome,smart TV at home,ATSC tuner/USB tuner/PCI tuner,DAB radio and RV;Perfect for portable tv in a vehicle