Leadsign Amplified Indoor TV Antenna:

Product Features:

1.Receives free over-the-air TV broadcast channels in full 1080p HD(such as ABC,SNL,CBS,NBC,Fox,The CW,and PBS).

2.Built-in signal amplifier with a LED indicator and 3.3ft USB powered cord that you never paid for extra amplifier kit and USB power cord.

3.The installation was a cinch!Plugged the USB into the TV(or worked on a USB wall charger) and the cable to the antenna Jack.

4.16.5 feet cable is long enough to allow for good positioning.

5.Super thin and lightweight design-Ready out of the box!Ultral thin means it will keep a low profile while attached onto walls or windows which helps to keep the entertainment area sleek and free from clutter.

Digital Antenna Specifications:

Frequency Coverage:VHF-Hi 170-240 MHz,UHF 470-860MHz

Receiving Range: UHF/VHF



USB Power Requirement:5V/30mA

Cable Connector:F/IEC type Coax male

Mount the antenna on a window that faces the broadcast tower of stations that you want to receive. The sides of the antenna may not “see” enough signals from the broadcast

tower if the sides of the antenna don’t face the tower.

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Electronics may reflect the signal from the broadcast tower. If so, try mounting the antenna higher on the wall or near or in a window (or skylight), then run a new channel scan. The higher the antenna mounted or the closer to a window (skylight), the stronger signal you will receive.

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